Friday, October 25, 2013

Builds: An Awesome Cold Frame!

I really wish I could take the credit for this, but sigh. I can't.
But I can give credit to my amazing husband!
I asked, and boy did I receive! 

Isn't it amazing?

All I did was find the window (green frame and all!) tell him what I needed, and he went to town!
It is better than I imagined!
It all started when I found the window on the side of the road. 
I put it in the truck, and it sat in the garden for a couple weeks.
As the temps started to cool down, I explained what I needed. 
Which was a box big enough to support the window, and at an angle so snow would melt.

He bought super strong hinges, a handle and that was our only costs!
The rest was scrap lumber (for the frame) and plywood for the sides.
And I know down the road I will probably have to replace the plywood, but with all the projects we do around here, I know I will always have scraps to replace with!

Once moved into place, I pushed dirt around the base to make sure wasn't any gaps for air to get in and started transplanting! I moved anything and everything that was thriving still in the garden, so I have two random Eggplant Plants ( I doubt anything will happen, since I got nothing all summer) Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Collards, Spinach, Beets, And Celery in there. 

I've been joking, saying that I will be handing out heads of cold frame lettuce for Christmas! 
Want some?

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