Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organizes: Easy Upcycled Pen Storage

Are you always looking for a Pen? Pencil? Sharpie?
Me too.
Before kids, I just had a big old cup full of them on the computer desk.
Not anymore. They disappear, they write on walls, and doors. 
So away went the cup.

But now we can never find anything to write with!
I even had a pen on a string hanging by the calendar that went missing!

Not anymore!  

A simple upcycle of a baby shampoo bottle, and I have a perfect hanging pen cup!
I left mine plain, but you could dress it up if you wanted. 
Paint, scrapbook paper, fabric... The options are endless.

I've seen cell phone holders made this way too!

 I've been on the lookout for simple solutions to corral every day items without spending a fortune!
So far, I've corraled my medicine cabinet and my toothpicks

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