Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Organizes: Medicine Cabinet

Here's another way baskets are taking over my home, but this time in a good way!
Last year, we moved our full bathroom downstairs, so that Ellie's room would be upstairs with the rest.
As I packed up the old to move into the new, I tried my best to get rid of expired, old and unused items.
Even with purging some of the excess, my medicine cabinet was filled to the brim!

To help corral some of my jewelery (I like to just open the medicine cabinet and pick a pair of earrings) I put a skinny basket on the middle shelf. 
And it worked for a while, but then it looked like this.

Overflowing, and corraling non jewelry items that wanted to fall out of the cabinet as the door opened.
So I decided that I need another basket.
After playing around I decided to use the vertical space above the basket that I already had in there.
To attach: Simply add a screw through one of the holes in the basket!

So much better! 
Who knew a simple dollar store basket ( these are 2 for $1) would tame some chaos in my medicine cabinet?

Would it be too much is I had two baskets on each shelf? 
It's working so well, that it's tempting!

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