Thursday, December 18, 2014

30 Things When 30!

Eek! It's official, today is my 30th Birthday!
To be honest, it's just a number!
I know some people freak about monumental birthdays, but that's not me.
So in honor of my 30th birthday I thought I would pick 30 things I want to do in 2015:
(in no particular order of importance!)
1. Create. I've fallen off the craft wagon, I blame my pinterest boards. So many crafts, not enough time. I just keep pinning, and not making! So I'm going to shoot for an item or two a month. Whether is it sewn, knit, crochet, home décor, even art pieces. I am an art teacher!  
2. Cook. And not just to cook, I love trying new recipes. So I better start making some!
3. Photography. Step away from my smartphone! I really need to get back to where I was before the kids. I carried my dSLR everywhere.
4. Drink more water. I'm terrible. I could just drink a cup of coffee in the morning. And not drink anything else. This past year I lost some of the baby weight, and drinking water was a big help.
5. Get back on track.  The beginning of 2014, I did so well with calorie counting, drinking water, adding exercise that I lost a good amount of weight (I'd say 1/2 my goal) and then summer hit, life got busy and I made excuses.
6. Take notes. My kids say the best one liners, I really need to write them down, maybe incorporate in #9.
7. Print pictures. I'd be happy just printing them. But...
8. Organizing said Pictures. If I print them, I'd love to do albums, books, something with them. Maybe hang some. You won't believe it. But I don't have a single picture hanging on my walls. Sigh.
9. Organize & Burn DVDs.  I made DVDs for my husband for Christmas of the kids videos, all sorted by child. So I just need to add this year.
10. Organize my Time. Maybe now is the time to use a planner. I've tried in years past, but never felt the need because I stayed home. What was I going to pencil in? Laundry? But maybe I should.
11. Organize my time long term. Planning ahead. I hate last minute, or being late. I always say I work best under pressure, but I'm over that mentality.
12. Continue Organizing our Home.  In the last couple years I feel I have really organized some of our things, and what I have learned is that you can't organize once. It has to be a recurring process.
13. Learn more about my family. I have some family trees that were given to me on my dad's side, but I'd like to dig deeper about both sides of my family.
14. Family Recipes. Growing up I had 5 great aunts, and sadly we have only one left. I'd love to go through her recipes and save some of the favorites for my kids to cherish that I remember.
15. Expand my Garden. You had to see that one coming! I grew 167 lbs in 2014, wonder what I'll grow in 2015. We have made some progress "out back", and moved things around so expanding is inevitable! Half of the orchard has already moved! 
16. Winter Sowing. I did one milk jug experiment last year, and will never go back to the greenhouse on my windowsill again. I got 20 cherry tomato plants out of one jug!
17. Preserve my Garden. I'm still learning about canning and am addicted. So new canning recipes here I come!
18. Printables. A couple years back I made some printables, and really enjoyed it. I made some last week, and immediately remembered how much I loved it!
19. Snail Mail. I love getting it, but never send it. Silly.
20. Read More.  I really love to read. I go to the library bi-weekly, but rarely get a book to read. Don't get me wrong I get lots of garden books, knitting books, cook books. But I don't read them cover to cover.
21. Date Night. It may sound cheesy, but I'd love a hot meal with my husband, sister, brother, mom, dad, friends. No kids.
22. Game Night. Again, may sound cheesy. But I think game night with my nephews, friends kids would be a blast for the kids!
23. Try something new. It could be anything. Food? Hobby? Options are endless.
24. Go somewhere new. I've become a creature of habit, we visit the same places, Vacation the same places. Shop the same places. I better shake it up this year.
25. Random Acts of Kindness. I'd like to think I am kind overall, but I want to go that extra step every once in a while. Especially for those I love.
26. Teach someone something. I'm an art teacher for heaven's sake.  Just because I don't have a job in a school district doesn't mean I can't and aren't teaching someone something.
27. Finish what I start. I am notorious for starting and not finishing. Whether its something small, like laundry. Or big like Ellie's bedroom décor. I need to finish.
28. Monthly Resolutions.  I always try to make resolutions at the beginning of the year, and as the year changes so do they. So this year, I'm hoping to do it monthly!
29. Relax. This one is kind of humorous. But really. I need to relax, whether its a bath, a hair appointment. Something for me once in a while.
 30. Enjoy everyday more. We only live once, and will only be 30 once. So I better Enjoy it! Especially, my kids. I'm still in denial my baby Carter is a big boy, my other baby Wyatt is a big boy and my little baby Ellie is a big girl. So, whether its singing with Ellie, Marrying (dancing with) Wyatt or Lego Building with Carter... Making memories and enjoying them.

Overall, I think everything on this list is doable! And will happen. If I stick with it. Oh wait. There's #27, finish what I start! eek!

Yes, I could have put things on here like swim with dolphins, or drive cross country.
Maybe we will take a  road trip somewhere and be able to swim or see dolphins.
But honestly, to me the little things are more important.

Have you ever made a list like this? It was harder than I thought!
I'd love to see what you would put on your list!


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