Wednesday, January 21, 2015

{Cleans} DIY Eyeglasses Cleaner!

I've worn glasses for years and overall feel I keep them pretty clean, so I never felt the need to have glasses cleaner on hand. Until now. 

Recently, I noticed Wyatt (3 years old) was having some issues with his eyes. 
So after a couple appointments here and there, we found he needed glasses.

Sounds easy enough? It's not. 

Keeping glasses on a 3 year old is near impossible. 
Keeping glasses clean on a 3 year old is impossible.

So, since I can't control how to keep glasses on Wyatt. I thought I could control just how clean they are for him. Every time I ask him to put them on, he tells me they are "foggy" and when I look at them they sure are. They are covered in finger prints and whatever else you can think of. 

All it took was a day of cleaning them off with water, or whatever I could get my hands on before I looked up a proper recipe. What a difference! The recipe is so simple, and you can make your batch as big or little as your want! 
All it is is equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, and a drop of dish soap.
 That's it! If you want to take it up a notch and buy a little travel spray bottle (Mine is from target for less than a dollar), go for it! Makes cleaning them so much easier! 

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