Wednesday, June 15, 2016

{Recap} August 2015

August is always a pretty busy month around here.
End of Summer, Two birthdays in our house plus friends and family birthdays too, Gearing up for School, and Winding down the Garden.

Last year, a local beach (at a lake) was re opened. I remember going as a kid, and then not going for years. I am so happy they reopened this beach as it is the perfect size for my kids! The first set of buoys goes maybe up to my 6 year olds waist! The second set of buoys maybe go up to his neck!
Makes it that much easier for me to feel comfortable, even with all their swim gear on I am always doing a head count!

My second son, Wyatt celebrated his 4th birthday! And he is all about Batman! 
This was my first attempt at fondant and I have to say it came out pretty well! 
Everyone warned me that the black would be hard to get dark enough (fondant is marshmallow based) and I didn't have a problem! What I did have a problem with? The bat logo! So hard to cut out! I tried over and over and ended up using a tag from one of he shirts we bought him as a gift! Ha!
Love when things just fall into place!

This picture just makes me smile! Actually the whole album it's from does.
This is from my great aunt's 90th birthday parade!
Yes. We gave her a parade! 

My only "big" potato. Darn root vegetables you stump me!

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