Wednesday, June 29, 2016

{Recap} November 2015

November for us means Ellie's birthday and hosting Thanksgiving.
This is only my second year hosting, it took a long time to finally be able to host!

This year it worked out perfect, Miss Ellie wanted a Sophia the first birthday and a cousin had one for her daughter over the summer, so I was able to reuse all the decorations she had purchased!
This pregnant mama, loved the hand me down decorations it helped so much!

Ive always made the kids' birthday invites, I used to mail them. 
Nowadays, I create them on the computer and send the file to my guests.My sister makes the kids' cakes for their party, and I make them a cake on their actual birthday.
This was the cake I made Ellie for on her birthday. Didn't it come out pretty? She loved it!

I don't think I have ever mentioned it but in the past year or two my husband has taken up woodworking!  He made Carter a twin bed, then he made us a gorgeous queen size bed and in November he decided to make us a dining room table!  

The wood has an awesome story to it too!
A coworker of my husband had cherry logs that he cut down, but didn't want to use them for firewood. My husband had something he wanted so they bartered.  So that's how we got the logs.

Once we had these giant logs, we needed to have them milled.  In comes another co worker! 
Who uses firewood to heat his home, and we had just taken down a tree in our yard... 
So we know where our dining room table logs grew, and know who milled them and that my husband built it! Talk about a piece of furniture with a story!

Lastly, Thanksgiving!
Like I said, this is only the second time I have hosted and it went really well. 

Carter brought home this little first thanksgiving diorama from school, and Wyatt immediately added some friends to it!   So if you were ever wondering if Super Heroes were at the first thanksgiving, Wyatt would tell you yes!!

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