Wednesday, June 22, 2016

{Recap} October 2015

October, where it starts to feel like fall.
Routines fall into place. Or out the window, again.

This was also the month we found out we were welcoming another boy to our family! 
So if you are keeping track that makes three boys and one girl!

Anyone else with me? Once you have a baby of one gender and go to have another of the same gender, doesn't it make it so much harder than picking out a name for the opposite gender?
October was also the month of Applesauce making!
All these years we thought it was a crab apple tree. Sure enough, it wasn't! We think because we moved our apple trees, it helped pollinate it! So we made lots of applesauce!

Ah, I am loving going through my pictures to share.  
I was working with Wyatt on his letters, and e wanted nothing to do with it.
I started to feel like his fine motor skills needed some work, but he didn't want anything to do with pencil and paper.... so out came the chalkboard, chalk and a wet q-tip to erase what I had wrote!
Worked like a charm!

October is the time of picking the last of the garden before frost threats!
Itty bitty squash anyone? 

This year the kids could not decide what they wanted to be for Halloween. 
I could ask daily, and it would be so different than the day before.
So this year, I sucked it up and just bought their costumes.
At first I had mom guilt. But I couldn't have made them for $10 each and thats all they cost!  So no tutorial on what I made them!

But! I did make these for Carter's Halloween Party at School! So fun right?!?!
Some of the kids loved them, others thought they were too gross to eat! Ha!

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