Wednesday, August 3, 2016

{Recap} April 2016

April we got our first snow storm. Yes. April. In Upstate NY.
It lasted maybe a day, and was melted and gone. 

Now, just because we didn't get the usual amount of snow this winter, doesn't mean it wasn't cold. 
Because it was.
And what do you do when its cold and you can't leave your less than two month old inside when you wait for the bus?
You wear him, under your jacket of course!
Love my mock moby wrap!

Carter always loved getting off the bus and seeing if I had Everett waiting with me!

Once the snow melted, it was time to get started on the garden.

I had little expectations for the garden, knowing it would be 3 kids and an infant this summer. 
So I tried to plant the easiest things I could, when I could.
One of the first things I planted was potatoes.  
This was an "out with the old and in with the new" situation. 
I've had the raspberry canes (in the bucket on the right) for years. And I have never gotten a berry.
So they were taking up space, and not producing. So out they went.

Putting the potatoes in the barrel was something new for me.
And since I am writing this post months later, I can tell you it was perfect! 
The dirt was rock free, and so easy to find the potatoes when it came time to dig!
In years past I've always done a potato tower of sorts, and haven had the greatest results.
So this year I planted, and didn't worry about them and got my best crop!
I probably should have left them alone, but the bunnies (yes bunnies) trampled them and I was scared they would rot if I left in much longer.

Ah, remodeling. 
Remember I told you we were redoing a half bath into a craft/office space.
Well. I swear I had it done by April, but guess not. Or I didn't take pics! Ha!
But I did take this pic.

Did you know Paint Thinner looks like milk? I swore it was clear, and it made me very nervous that it looked like milk. Good thing I only needed to wash my brush when staining my new desk!

Ah. Sweet. Ellie. 

We haven't used this room, in years. We literally stopped using this bathroom when we built the new bathroom, and Ellie's bedroom when I was pregnant for her in 2012. 
Once we cleaned out the half bath for the office project, the kids wanted in. 
Well. Ellie decided permanent marker on the door was appropriate. 
Ellie, You are lucky you are cute.

That's all for April!  
Nothing too exciting, but we needed that after March!

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