Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere!

When I was pregnant last year, so were a couple friends, and I got into the "tag" blanket craze. And what do you need to make them, Ribbons! And lots of different shapes and sizes... So I purchased a couple bags ( at Joann's for $1!) that had different lengths, colors, textures all in one bag, perfect for my project... Well then I had a ton of ribbon and a big old mess.

So I scoured the internet and came across this beautiful studio, and started to do the same thing with the close pins. And just threw them into a big old bucket... Thinking I would never have enough to sort into individual containers...

Well, here it is over a year later and I was reminded over on Little Birdie Secrets about Nichole's ribbon jars, and as I have been revamping my craft space decided to finally fix the ribbon issue!

Now, I didn't have enough to sort last year, but this year was a totally different story. And the sad part is I do not remember buying all this ribbon.. Oops.

So, for now, I have each color sorted into their own bag. So I now know if I see 10 canisters big enough to fit a gallon bag in it, its big enough for my current collection of ribbon... See?

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  1. Hi Fee,
    I just wanted to let you know, that next time you want to make a tag blankie, really make a tag. Recycle old clothing by ripping out the tags of clothing, the labels etc, save them in an empty jar, that of course you saved and washed out. Next time you are ready to create, viola you will have no need for ribbons, you will already have a stash of tags. They should be of correct size to have 1/4" seam of sewing allowance if careful of how one rips or cuts out labels etc. Happy creating.
    Again love and so glad I found you today.Deanna


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