Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere!

When I was pregnant last year, so were a couple friends, and I got into the "tag" blanket craze. And what do you need to make them, Ribbons! And lots of different shapes and sizes... So I purchased a couple bags ( at Joann's for $1!) that had different lengths, colors, textures all in one bag, perfect for my project... Well then I had a ton of ribbon and a big old mess.

So I scoured the internet and came across this beautiful studio, and started to do the same thing with the close pins. And just threw them into a big old bucket... Thinking I would never have enough to sort into individual containers...

Well, here it is over a year later and I was reminded over on Little Birdie Secrets about Nichole's ribbon jars, and as I have been revamping my craft space decided to finally fix the ribbon issue!

Now, I didn't have enough to sort last year, but this year was a totally different story. And the sad part is I do not remember buying all this ribbon.. Oops.

So, for now, I have each color sorted into their own bag. So I now know if I see 10 canisters big enough to fit a gallon bag in it, its big enough for my current collection of ribbon... See?