Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ballons for a Bargain!

So, I wanted some nice specialty balloons for my son's birthday since I could not tape anything on the walls, so I thought balloons would be the best thing to spruce up the hall we rented.  So I did a quick google search and could not believe that people pay $5 per ballon, and they are not even full of helium... So.. I kept searching.

And then I found the greatest site ever! 

I was able to buy $60 worth of very large balloons (24 inches to 32 inches) for $25 and that included shipping! The shipping is a little steap I thought but then when I got the order in less than two days, it was well worth it!

So, for your next party you should definitely look into these.. The quality is there, and the price is right! And, our party was last Saturday, and its Wednesday. The balloons are still floating, and look great.. So you could probably get away with filling them with helium the day before, to save time the day of the party!

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