Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Flash Cards

Remember when I went on the laminating kick?  I lamenated pretty much anything that would fit.  And I did this... When I found these cute cards in the Dollar Store and didn't want them ruined in a day, so I knew they would eventually get laminated!  ( And it only took my 6 months to post about them!)

So when I got these I laminated them right away. I have a small handy laminator right here at home!  Works wonders for small things here and there!

Here is my pile of cards all ready to be cut.

Some of the shape cards, waiting to be cut.

All cut and organized into themes and on key rings for easy entertainment!  I was also sick of picking them up off the floor! Especially when we are out at a restaurant, or grocery shopping.  What makes them even better is I use my sippy cup leash to keep these from going to far too!