Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Felt Stands

Thinking about having a party? Or doing a craft fair and want to have your items nicely displayed?  Don't want to spend a fortune?  Me too.

For my last craft fair, I created these hair ties and clips and wanted to display them someway...  So I decided to create a display out of what I had.

If you want to make your own display's all you need is some cardboard, felt ( cut from a bolt) and glue!

Starting with a box, I cut it down to size to fit my headbands, and hair ties.

Next, I wrapped my cardboard with craft paper, because I was using white felt, and you could see the design through the felt. Then I wrapped my felt around it too.

Make your seams as pretty as possible, they will be on the back and visible.

Fill with your wares, and get ready for the craft fair!

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