Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pampered Chef "Ring"

Have you ever tried any of the Pampered Chef Ring recipes?  Yum.  I've tried them before, but had
never made them until now. These will definitely be showing up in my meal planning in the future!

I've tried the Reuben Ring, and the Chicken and Broccoli Ring.  But ours was a knock-off of the Chicken and Broccoli.  We did Chicken and Peas ( we had peas available, see how my cooking evolves? Make do with what you have?)

Super easy too!  Take Crescent rolls and make a circle, and add filling.

Fold points toward center and pinch shut.

And bake!

Carter was a huge fan!  So if you have picky eaters this may be an easy route to getting them to eat their veggies!