Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shaped Rice Krispies

Need a quick treat to take to an upcoming party?   Or something extra to hand out for the holidays?

How about some festive Rice Krispie Treats? Like These?

Who ever thought cookies cutters could cut more than cookies?

Here's a quick how to for the trees!

Make your krispies as per your recipe. Pour onto wax paper.

Smoosh flat. * Yes, Smoosh is the technical term!* 
Make sure you grease your hands a little for smooshing.

Grease cookie cutter.

 Cut away!  You will need to re-smoosh every now and again to use all your Krispies.

Then decide whether you want to just put on a plate or put in cute bags with bows!

Oh the possibilities!

Last month, I helped my sister make these for a baby shower. They were a big hit!  She has since done them for another shower, and I did the trees for a Christmas party! I never knew Rice Krispies and cookie cutters were so versatile!

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