Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Garbage Bread

If you "Like" us on Facebook, then you saw over the past weekend, I was dancing and baking some garbage bread.  Some asked what it is, and some asked for the recipe. So here's both!

What is garbage bread you ask? Well, here is what I know it as. It's a pizza dough rolled up with lots of fun concoctions. My easiest description, it is a pizza roll.  Some common garbage bread concoction I have seen and made, pepporoni and cheese, sausage and cheese, ham and cheese, broccoli and cheese.

When it comes to making garbage bread, you need a dough ( store bought or homemade), and your fillings.  There is really no science to how much filling you need, I just eyeball it.

To start, you need to let your dough rise.  I purchase my dough ( even though I keep wanting to try to make my own...sigh.) and let it sit on the counter until it has puffed up in the bag it comes in.

Garbage Bread Step 1

Then you need to stretch your dough, not like a pizza. More like a long skinny rectangle.

Garbage Bread Step 2

Then you fill it! I feel the more the merrier.  I start with my pepproni and then add the cheese.

Garbage Bread Step 3

Garbage Bread Step 4

And roll it!  Make sure you pinch your seam nice and tight, and I normally roll the seam on the bottom so the weight keeps it shut.

Garbage Bread Step 5

Bake!  I bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and check it.  You want it nice and golden.

Slice and enjoy!

** Due to how delicious this is, we do not have any photos of it baked. But believe me! It's delish!**

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