Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That...

Today is not even close to being over, but it has been "one of those days" already.  But on a positive note, lots of things are happening that will show up here in the near future. So come back for that!

On a blah note. I had a knitting casualty last night during Glee.  Yes. I am a Gleek and Love it!

Knitting Casualty

Can you see it?  My needle broke. Snap. Ca-put.  So I guess I have to put knitting on the back burner until I get to the store for a new one. Sigh.

Guess today would be a good day to dig into some fabric.  I hope that this is not blogger's karma after Monday's post!

Have a great day! I am trying to look towards the bright side of things!

*Also, if you checked out lesson one of our Crochet Class, come back next week! 
I will be "hosting" lessons every other week!*

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