Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crochet Class Lesson 3

How are you all doing?  Following the steps alright?  Now that you know how to single crochet and double crochet I thought why not teach you how to work in the round!

Why would you want to work in the round?
 It opens up the possibilities of hats, coasters, doilies, and anything you can think of that is round!

Here we go!

To start, you need to chain a little to then create your circle.  So go ahead and chain 5.

Crocheting in the Round

Now to create your circle you need to slip stitch ( yes this is something new) in the stitch closest to your knot.

Crocheting in the Round

To slip stitch you put your hook through (as if you were going to single crochet) but instead of creating a new loop, you just pull through the stitch and your loop on your hook.  This does not create a stitch it just connects it.

Crocheting in the Round

Now, do you see your circle?  If you do, your doing it!

When working in the round you will work through the center of this circle for your first round.

Because I will be double crocheting around my circle, I need to build up my height.
So go ahead and ch 2.

Crocheting in the Round

Now, you are all set to work in the round.

Wrap your yarn around your hook for double crochet and go through the center of the circle, and complete your double crochet.  Continue to work double crochet in the center of the circle until it fills the outer edge like this.

Need a refresher on Double Crochet? Single Crochet?

Crocheting in the Round

See how you have a little gap ( where the 9 and 12 on a clock would be?), you have to close that up using another slip stitch.

Insert your hook int the top of the original chain 2.  See?
Then pull your yarn through the stitch and you loop on your hook.

Crocheting in the Round

Tada! The gap is gone!  Now, to work on round 2, you need to ch 2.

Crocheting in the Round

And then, just double crochet in each stitch as if you were working left to right.
If you look closely, in some of my stitches I did two double crochets in one stitch. This is to prevent it from curling up on itself.  If you are working from a pattern, just follow what it says for round two.

Crocheting in the Round

Keep double crocheting to the end, and it will look like this ( don't forget the slip stitch at the end to close it up!)

Crocheting in the Round

If you interested in working in the round and want a pattern to follow. Here's a coaster ( just a circle) pattern I shared with my students in class!

Basic Round Coaster Pattern:

Round 1: Chain 4, sl st in last stitch.
Round 2: Chain 2, double crochet in circle (formed by first step) 8 times, sl st in chain 2.
Round 3: Chain 2, 2 double crochet per stitch, sl st to join.
Round 4: Chain 2,* work 1 double crochet in first stitch, 2 double crochet in second* repeat til end. Sl st to join
Round 5: Chain 2, *work 2 double crochet in first stitch, 1 double crochet in next 2 stitches* repeat until end. Sl st to join.

Enjoy! And I would love to see what Crochet projects you are working on!  Leave me a link in the comments!

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