Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Want to Knit-A-Long?

I just started my second ever adult sized sweater, here is my first. I think it is funny how I never did a baby or child's size first.  I was wondering if you want to... you can knit-a-long with me!

 I am working from the Shalom pattern that is offered for free through  Involving the Senses .

Shalom Knit Sweater Pattern

So far here is where I am at. I've got my pattern printed ( and drawn on by my little artist, and some of my notes!), my yarn chose, needles going and started in about 2-3 inches or so.  

Knitting the Shalom

The reason why I am at square one (I've been working on this for weeks!) is because after working so hard, and about 6 inches later. I realized my gauge was completely off!  I must have miscounted by 100 stitches!  Because I had a 42" yoke!  Oops. So I learned from my mistake and measured after the 5 garter stitch rows, not when your 6 inches in and have to rip all that progress out!

Diagram with my measurements

Using this diagram as a guide (from Involving the Senses) and measuring myself,
I figured that my yoke would be 26". 
Then I worked a gauge swatch, ( It took a couple tries) and figured I needed about 135 stitches.
Note: I am using a two ply yarn versus a worsted weight ( 4 ply) and size 6mm needle instead of a 7mm. 

In the next two weeks, I am planning to have the some if not all the ribbing top section complete.
Think you could do it too?

Leave a comment if you have made a Shalom sweater I would love to see yours!
Or leave a comment want to Knit -A- Long with me! 
I would love to hear from you!

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