Thursday, May 19, 2011

Felt Campfire!

Felt Gift progress

Last week, I gave you this sneak peak here and on Facebook as to what I was making my nephew for his 3rd birthday.

No one guessed, but that's okay...

Here it is!

Felt Campfire

Lately all he and his older brother have been doing is playing "camping".  They make the bed the trailer, a chair is the truck and they were set to go camp. 
Well, now they are even more set with a fire to keep them warm, marshmallows, fresh caught fish and hot dogs to snack on !

Felt Camping "Treats"

I had seen patterns online for purchase to make a campfire, but thought I could handle winging it.
 And I think it came out pretty cute! 
 Especially since I had to hand sew (I'm not very confident) some spots!