Thursday, July 14, 2011

Asian Chicken Wraps

Wow! It's going to be a scorcher today! So what do I want to do most? Not heat up the house. 
My pregnant body had been doing pretty well dealing with the heat but as 
I approach my due date ( in about 6 weeks, Yikes!) I am losing steam and my patience in the heat.

After checking my email this morning, I came across this Parents recipe for Asian Chicken Wraps! Theirs are no cook, but I had chicken breasts waiting to be cooked so that's what I used. I boiled my chicken and shredded it, making it ready to do the recipe.

They came out great! A nice change to our menu! Will definitely be making these again! I even think the chicken on a salad would be great!

And yes, those are pickled green beans. Yum. I was introduced to them forever ago ( before being pregnant) and they are a favorite around here! I'll share how to make them another day!

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