Friday, July 1, 2011


A couple weeks back, I mentioned that there was some construction occurring in the kitchen (where the computer lives) and that posting would be slow. Well that project was finished and I never shared! So here goes...


    (Left: Original "grand canyon".  Right: Temporary Fix )
(Also, only before pictures with the actual tile!)

When we bought our home we installed hardwood throughout most of the house, except the kitchen. We really wished we didn't listen and put it in the kitchen too, but trying to listen to the experts we didn't.  About a year into living here, hubby ripped the entire kitchen floor out ( there was a four inch slope from one side to the other) and he leveled out the floor and we installed ceramic tile.

Well four years later the tile was beat. There were more tiles cracked than not, and there was this ugly gap we liked to call "grand canyon" in between the dining room and kitchen.  (Pictures above)

After seeing laminate tile flooring, I started hinting around that we could go over the current floor and get rid of "grand canyon". And finally it was done!  Look how nice! And so much easier to clean! No dirt in the "grout" lines!


So much better! 
And ANOTHER big project done! 
While pregnant, all I have wanted to do is paint. 
But alas, I have to wait.

 Our entire downstairs was rust colored shag carpet, and our kitchen was a carpet that looked like tile. Bleh

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