Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upcycled: Shirt and Shorts to Maternity Shorts

What do you do when you have a pair of shorts that never fit right? 
A tshirt that is so super stretchy that you know you can do something with it? 
And your pregnant.

Make maternity shorts of course. 
Just in time for the heat!

First, I tried my shorts on and marked (with Sharpie of course!) where I would like them to end and my stretchy waist to start.

I started out by stitching my zipper shut, and then the fly shut.

Next, I cut a curved front, and straight across under the existing waistband on the back.

Once my shorts were prepped, I worked on my top.  To get the most out of my top, I cut it straight across under the chest ( there was already a seam there).

Next, I put right sides together, pinned and sewed them together. 

At this point I tried them on, and decided how high I wanted the stretchy part to be, made a mark and cut them a little. I hemmed and inserted a piece of elastic and that was it!  

Super simple, and I knew all along I liked how the shorts part fit!

Happy Maternity Sewing!

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