Friday, September 9, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbook

When I had Carter, I invested a ton of time into having my photos of him printed and then scrapbooked his first year with almost a page a day! I mean that scrapbook is huge. 

I would love to do the same for Wyatt, except I am going a different route. Digital. I had played around with digital free downloads here and there with my Photoshop experience, but now I am using MyMemories!

This way, I can save money of printing all my pictures and having them shipped here. I save money on all the papers, stickers, glue etc. All I will have to do is print the final product and either have it bound or put in the clear protectors like I did for Carter's book just two years ago!

MyMemories sent me a copy of their My Memories Scrapbook Suite, and I am so happy they did! It's very user friendly, which sometimes I feel Photoshop is not. It's straight forward which is a plus for me right now with two boys! 

Here's what I came up with in a matter of minutes (literally, while feeding Wyatt, so I was able to do it one handed!)... 
A layout from scratch of Wyatts first week! All I have to do is add my photos!

Or there a layouts in the program premade...

Or downloadable ones... Some free, some for sale...

How do you scrapbook? Traditionally? Digitally?
 Would you like to try the My Memories Scrapbook Suite?

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