Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preserving: Pickled Green Tomatoes

As it starts to cool off in our neck of the woods, I have started to pull what is left of the garden. I have to confess this year was not our banner year. Between being pregnant, the rain, the weeds it just didn't do as well as previous years.

But hey- there is always next year. I'm already working on plans of fertilizing, and landscape plastic ( to cut down weeding).

As I am pulling off the red tomatoes I am getting some green ones too ( sometimes its easier to just pull the whole handful) so I had a bunch of green grape tomatoes in my bowl that I was too impatient to wait for them to ripen. So I went ahead and pickled them. Using a 24 hour recipe (I'll ask if I can share the recipe I used!) that was given to me by my sister (from her inlaws) I went to work. And boy was I happy with them!

Because these are 24 hour refrigerator pickles, there's no hot water bath or pressure canning involved. So just pick your favorite recipe, combine and put in the fridge!

If you like green olives, you will love these! They have that zing like an olive, and are crunchy like a pickle. They are awesome, I've already made a second and third jar!

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  1. I made dozens of jars of these last year and they didn't turn out well at all (mushy)...might have to try this 24 hr method.


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