Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finger Knit Cowl

At the last knit night I attended, our hostess' daughter Grace was finger knitting. The next day that's all I could think about! So, with the help of youtube I learned how to Finger Knit. How addictive! 

If you do not know how to traditionally knit, and want to "fake" it. Learn to Finger knit.
I think your limited as to what you can make. But still satisfying and quick!

So after I learned how to finger knit, I went ahead and knit a long "scarf" it was big enough to wrap comfortably around my next about 4 times. 

But, instead of just wrapping about four times, I wanted sew the ends to for a cowl. 

Here's how I did it,  I took my tail from casting on and my tail from binding off and tied them together.

Doing so, created a giant circle. Then I took the center of the circle and brought it up to my tied off section ( the end).

Twist them a couple times. 

Use your tails to tie it all together, Weave in your ends and wear!