Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Add Text to Photos with Preview

A while back I noticed that you could upload a photo to your blog post in blogger, 
and then edit it in Picnik. 
Good thing I didn't get used to that. 
Because for some reason or another that option is gone.

Even though I love Photoshop, I didn't want to have to open it up just to add 
"© All Things Fee" to my photos. Hence no text on my photos until now.

I use iPhoto to adjust any color issues, fix any blemishes and crop my photos that I share here.  
It's quick and easy.

 While I know how to extensively fix photos in Photoshop, 
and I know how to create an action to do it for me. 
I just felt like there had to be an even quicker way. 
And there is!

Did you know you can do more than just look at a photo in the application Preview?
 Me neither.
 I just did some searching and found how easy it is to add text using Preview.
 I know. I can't believe it either!

If you are concerned that someone is taking your photos without permission, or just want to add a simple text to your image, or make sure credit is given to you. Here's how!

First, import your photos from your camera, cell phone, etc. ( Again I use iPhoto.)

Then do any adjusting in iPhoto. Color, cropping, etc. I then drag my edited photo to my desktop.

Then drag or open your image (just double click it) into Preview. This is what it will look like.

Look below your photo, is there a toolbar?  No? That's okay you can add it.

Click the Annotate button.

Did the toolbar show up?

Now, you will see the letters Aa in a box. That's how you add your text box.
Click and drag it to create a square or rectangle big enough for you text.

Want to change the size, color or font?  Click the Aa button ( without the box) and you will get windows to pop open to let you change your settings.

Once happy with text, do a File>Save.  This will overwrite your initial photo that you dragged out of iPhoto. Your original photo without text is still in iPhoto, because when you dragged your photo out of iPhoto you created a copy on your desktop! 

Easy, fast and Effective. Works for me! Hope it helps you!  Now, to go back and add text to as many of my pictures as possible!

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  1. I've used the annotate feature to add text to PDFs, but have never thought to use it to add text to photos. Thanks for the tips.


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