Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Layered Wrist Warmers

Can you guess where I got the inspiration for this?

If you guessed Pinterest, you got it!

One day I was browsing pinterest and found this pin.

Which made me have a total duh moment. Layered  Wrist Warmers!
I've always liked the idea of wrist warmers, but where I live it's a glove or no glove situation. 
I used to be confused by wrist warmers! Not anymore!

Take any wrist warmer pattern ( I made this one up as I went) and layer a pair of cheap stretchy gloves and your all set!  I gifted a set with both a pair of fingerless and regular gloves!

For both the knit and crochet pair, I just used my hand as a guide and repeated for the second warmer.  I prefered the crochet on because it had the shape for the thumb versus just a space when I seamed up the knit version. Back to the needles for a better knit version!

What have you been knitting? Crocheting?
I'm working a big knit project that I will hopefully finish soon!