Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grows: A Garden Map

Last year I planned my garden like this. And while it worked I never really looked back at it. I just picked when it looked like it was time to!

This year I wanted to really work on spacing. I felt like I always left way to much space between my plants and it was a waste. I have a pretty large garden 12ft x 16ft and I don't use it as effectively as I could.

But this year will be different! Especially after I was introduced to Square Foot Gardening (SFG)! 
Now, I do not plan on building the boxes like they suggest, but I do plan on making a couple grids (Hopefully I can share soon!) to help plan where to plant and how much!  

After reading up on SFG,  I measured out how big my garden was and made a map in Excel.

Then I decided what I would grow. With a few requests here and there I had a plan. Here is what it looks like!

To left of my garden, are my plants that are already there. My garlic and rhubarb. So those are a given.  But figuring out the rest took a while to figure out. For example my tomatoes, I know that last year they were on the left so this year they should be on the right.

See the three plants that are going to be on an angle? The reason for the funny placement is there is a piece of funny blacktop there that would be so hard to remove so I work around it. I'm hoping this year to add a compost tumbler there! (Hopefully more on that later this spring!)

See the "key" on the right? The numbers are how many plants can fit in one square foot! Isn't that neat? You can fit 16 beets, carrots or radishes in one 12 inch square! Crazy right?

That's my plan for my garden! Have you thought about yours?
I have some seeds started, but not much luck. I try every year with little success and end up buying in the end anyway!

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  1. I'm really going to need to work out something like this when we move into our new house this summer. I'm finally going to have some space to plan a garden! These plans look awesome!


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