Friday, June 15, 2012

Lifesavers: "Tailor" Your Jeans!

Just another tip to save you some time, money and frustration.

Now, I do not consider myself very fashionable. 

But every now and then I will watch a tv show or see some tricks in a magazine and more times than not they all come back to the right fit.

Well, after having two babies I feel like I need frankenstein pants. 
One size for my waist. 
One size for my thighs 
One size for my height!
(which if you ask my husband he would chime in my height was a preexisiting condition!)

So,  I finally sucked it up and tried to do something about it!  

The first pair fit in the waist, and weren't to bad in the height department so I just wanted them taken in a little. This was super simple. I just found the seam that didn't have that distinguised jean looking seam and flipped them inside out, and put my sewing foot on the existing seam. It's amazing at what a difference a 1/4" seam on each leg made!

Perfect fit! 

That's all it took to get my confidence up to mess around with the next pair.  

These jeans were my favorite, just because of the texture and feel of them. They were so soft from the day I bought them, on clearance for like $2. So I felt like if I ruined them, it wasn't a financial loss just an emotional one, again so soft!

So the problem with this pair was that the fit was all wrong. For some reason or another, when the waist was where it should be, the crotch was between my knees. The legs were supposed to be straight leg and were not terrible, but the big crotch made them very baggy throughout. 

So, I tried to just take them in like I did for the first pair, finding the non jean looking seam and just going in. It started to work but was still off. So I decided to use a pair of jeans with a good fit as my guide. I ended up cutting about 4 inches out of the crotch area! I know. Strange.  Then I tapered back to the original hem ( because it wasn't too big to  begin with)

But now my favorite feeling jeans, are now really my favorite fitting jeans!  Yay!

Have you done any repurposing lately? Or tailoring?

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  1. I think we all need some custom pants so they fit perfectly! Latrely, I've been turning some of my old flares into skinny jeans by tracing around then with a pair that fits better. I usually end up taking them in a little in the thigh which is nice because they're usually too big there. It's so nice to be able to recycle jeans and wear them again!


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