Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mystery Plant Revealed... We think!

A while back, I asked over on Facebook if anyone had any idea what was growing out of my compost. 
I thought cucumber or squash. 

But now that the plant has gotten bigger, I am thinking it's Pumpkin!

(Especially since, I had a couple kicking around so I moved one and boy it did not do well. After looking up some pumpkin info, it said Pumpkins do not transplant well. So there you have it!)
A couple different pieces grew out of the compost at different times, so this is one that I transplanted a while ago. The most recent transplant looks 100% dead. Boo.

Another reason I think it's pumpkin: My mom planted pumpkins last year and gave one to Carter. We put it on our steps last year and when it started to rot, I threw it in the compost pile. Oops.

Maybe we will get some pumpkins and not have to buy any this year!

In other garden news, we've picked a couple cups of blueberries, and are strawberries are just about ready to start turning red. Plus we've gotten a dozen cherry tomatoes, beans and peas. Except someone keeps eating them before we get in the house.  

Just had to share: I asked Carter if he wanted me to get a bowl to put the beans in. He said nope, I said Why? He said I have a mouth!  Gotta love a good veggie eater!

How's your garden growing?

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