Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not ONE, Not TWO...But THREE

This year we left it up to Carter what he wanted to be. 
And me being that crazy mommy wanted Wyatt to match in some way.
Well, when Carter narrowed it down to "Teleskins", I mean Skeleton. 
I decided that both boys could be Skeletons, 
and maybe if Mommy had the energy she would be one too (I'll let you know if that happens!)


Using this awesome, free template I made freezer paper stencils and went to work!
Instead of printing out the template on paper and transferring to freezer paper, I just traced it off my computer screen. Doing it this way, I was able to cut out my freezer paper to size (to make sure it fit on the shirt and pants), and then zoom in or out to make my bones fit the paper. Worked like a charm!


I'll update tomorrow with pictures of them in costume! 
Because I know my boys, will some how get them dirty just taking pictures! Ha!