Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Organizes: Donation Station

Ahhh! I am completely over the moon about this idea I found over at Organizing Junkie!

I hate throwing items away, especially if someone could use them in some way. 
But I normally pile items up, and hang on to them until the pile is ridiculous. 
And sometimes their are multiple piles. 
And then I forget why I piled.

But I have been doing this since right before I had Ellie, and it's perfect.
One of those no brainer ideas.

A Donation Station. 

So simple.  I found a basket, and designated it as the "Donation Station". 
Laura at Organizing Junkie empties weekly,  which I love. I fill it until it's full, put it in a bag and bring it to the car. Then, next time I run out I drop it off. That way the box doesn't have to be big, and pile up between trips!  

Last week alone, I stopped at my local donation drop box at least 4 to 5 times! 
It's so simple to fill the basket as you are going through, instead of "looking" for items to get rid of.
Shirt to small? Donate. Kids haven't touched toy in months? Donate.
Haven't used that baking pan in ages? Donate. Got something new to replace older one? Donate.

I think I am doing pretty good with my declutter, and organize goal!
How to you manage donations?

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  1. I've been doing the same thing and it's awesome! It's also a good idea to keep a sheet of paper nearby to keep a running list of what you're donating. It comes in handy come tax season! :)


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