Friday, January 31, 2014

Organizing Recap.

This month has flown by! I started the month by declaring it  Purge. Organize. Clean. Repeat.  Month.
And I have to say I did pretty good! 
I didn't blog about everything I did. But I went through the kids toys, clothes, some of my clothes, shoes, plus what I shared here! After two weeks of getting rid of things here and there, I started to notice! It felt great, so I am going to continue as I feel I still have some areas to work on!

My best piece of advice? Start small. Whether it be a cabinet, or you supplies for something.
I did my Canning Supplies awhile ago, and it's nice when I need something it's right there. 

And you may notice that my baskets match! 
It doesnt have to be this way, but I found a basket I liked and stuck with it. 
These were found in Family Dollar, but  I have since found the same ones in my local Dollar Store too.

I used the smaller size in my medicine cabinet, and I love how it hangs out of the way, using up some wasted vertical space!

And seriously, my shampoo bottle turned pen holder? I'm already waiting for another bottle to be empty! I'm thinking a magnet on the back, or hanging it on some pegboard to hold small tools. Endless possibilities!

And with Valentine's Day coming up, I am so glad I took that time last year to organize my cards
Ever have leftover valentines from the packs? Us too! Why not save them for the kids to play with or give out a random assortment! 

While these are just some of my most recent organizing projects that I run into everyday, you can see more of my organizing ideas here, or ideas I've pinned on my organizing pinterest board.

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