Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

If you haven't noticed in years past, I've tried to keep the kids costumes within a theme. Well. This year I didn't! I wanted to, but decided it against it.

So without further ado, we have the Flash, Super Why, and Anna from Frozen!

(the best  picture of the three of them on Halloween!)

I have to thank my sister, for the freezer paper stencils for all the kids shirts. (She has a Silhouette)
It made making their costumes that much easier!

For the Flash, I started with a red long sleeve shirt, red sweatpants and yellow and red felt.
First, I freezer paper stenciled his shirt. 
Using felt, I made him a mask, belt and boots. 
I love fleece and felt for costumes, no hemming required!

For Super Why, I started with the same thing, shirt and sweatpants, but in blue and Green fleece.
 I used a my creative license to change the shirt up a bit.
Super Why has a book, on his shirt. But my Wyatt is always pointing out W's so I did that instead.
Again, freezer paper stencil for the shirt. 
Fleece for his cape, mask and belt. 

Princess Anna was easier than I expected!
I bought a white turtleneck (wanted light blue but didn't find), black tshirt, blue fabric, and pink fleece.
Freezer paper stencil on a black shirt, over a white turtleneck to look like a shirt and vest.
Then I whipped up a blue skirt, just a rectangle with an elastic waist!
For her cape, I used fleece. I cut out a circle and slit it to create the front, neck hole.
Then using another layer of fleece, I just mimicked the larger piece!
 For the closure, it's just two hearts with tails sewn in felt!

I love making my kids "semi homemade" costumes! A couple store bought pieces(shirts, pants) with some extra love make perfect costumes. Plus my kids are already asking to wear again, so after I get all the melted chocolate out of their shirts, they can wear their costumes again!