Friday, November 7, 2014

We have a Mudroom!

Last week my husband was out of town for work, so I took matters into my own hands on a whim.
He left Sunday afternoon, and Monday I decided to clean/purge out back porch.  
It's not a heated space, so I normally try to do a good cleanup, reorganize, purge before it gets too cold.
The last time I shared this space was 2011!
And even then I hinted to how I wanted it... And I think I finally nailed it! 

Well. One thing led to another.
I went from a quick clean out to a complete overhaul.
With a phonecall and help from my mom...
my backporch went from this...

This is what was hidden behind the curtain! 

to this...

in THREE days! 

Can you believe it? Neither can I!

Want to hear something else?
It only cost $33! 

Yup. Between my mom and I, we had everything except the flooring! 

I still can't believe it! And it's been a week of enjoying a project off the to do list! 

So, again let's look at how it looked Monday after I purged things. 

Looking at this is when I was trying to see how I could improve on the space.
A phonecall to my mom to talk me off the ledge, actually threw me over the ledge.
But I am soooo happy she did!

So after a couple calls back and forth, I got to work Tuesday, emptying the space and looking at my back porch reno pinterest board to nail down my plan of attack.
Once I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, my mom and I started to figure out measurements using things we had.
She had given me the doors a while back for this space, and they were just waiting for us.

The frames for the closets was a weird bedframe piece that my mom was given. 
(Think boxspring except flat.) A quick pass with the saw and we had two walls!
Are you seeing why and how this came together so fast? 
Everything was just waiting to be put together!

After my mom helped get the closets up, I cut some paneling that was left in our garage eves by the previous owner (yup. 7 years ago and it was still there!) and I put it on the sides of the closets. Then Tuesday night I painted my little heart out after the kids went to bed!

Wednesday morning came, and I patched and painted the other two walls of the room.
I went with some pretty pale blue paint I had picked up for free using a coupon at Ace hardware!

Wednesday night my mom came over again and we built the bench! 
A couple boards, and the remaining two doors and it was done! 
We even left a small gap behind the bench back so I have a place for tall items like umbrellas!

Thursday was my deadline, well sort of. My husband was due back dinner time Friday but I had to have it done before then, plus I was volunteering at school Friday. 
So Thursday was paint touchup day, and flooring. 
I was the most nervous about the flooring out of the entire project. 
See- this is an unheated space, that needs some love structurally. It's a sloped floor that we have to fix eventually, so I didn't want to do too much. But decided I needed to do something since I did everything else. So sticky tiles it was. I couldn't believe how much they were! But since I didn't spend anything anywhere else I was okay with spending $33 to make the space finished!

Now, I know it's not 100% done, there are some spots to put moulding up, but I'll wait to do that once we redo the levelness of the floor.  When we go to fix the height, the gaps under the floor may be non existent, so I decided to just leave them, rather than extend just to have to take it off down the road!

Now, we have the entraceway our little house deserves!
This is the door most everyone uses when they come in our home, and now it's not an eyesore!
The view when you walk in!

And when you leave!

Pretty amazing if you ask me! It's so bright and cheery out there! 
Not bad for $33!

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