Wednesday, March 11, 2015

{Organizes} Lego Storage

We went from one Lego set, to about ten in the last year. 
For a while we were able to keep them in one of the larger sets plastic bins.
But each time the boys dug for a piece at the bottom, there seemed to be a spill.
A million and ten pieces everywhere kind of spill.
So we needed something else.

Luckily, for Christmas Nana, my mom came up with a solution.
These locking bins!

For the most part, I try to keep them sorted by color family.
Red, Orange, Yellow all in one bin.
Blues in one bin.
Greens in one bin.
White in one bin.
Black, Brown and Grey in one bin.

But what I am liking the best is the small dividers
 in some of the bins (they pull out if you don't need them!)
They are perfect for storing all our guys and their accessories.
Or storing wheels, and car parts!

Lastly, one bin holds our instruction booklets!

The bins are fairly small, you get a good idea how small by looking at the instruction books bin. 
But I like that, easier to dig through when looking for a specific piece!
When we are done playing, which honestly is pretty rare. 
All the bins get stacked, locked and slid under an end table in our living room.

How do you store your Lego collection?
Bins? Drawers? Bags?

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