Friday, March 13, 2015

Where have I been?!?

These past two weeks have been insane! 
Last week started out normal, but by 3 o'clock on Tuesday my water pressure was half of what it normally was. By 6 o'clock the city was here, looking for our shut off.
Wednesday and Thursday the city was here fixing our line.
Two and a half days without water, were two and half days too many!
I will never look at a water main break the same!
When it is directly in front of your house, it is completely different and stressful!

Now that our water is  back on, 
 and I've caught up with all my water related tasks( dishes, laundry, cleaning).
 Then this week I've survived two appts,
 two days in a row- so I am hoping things calm down!

I've got things to blog! The weather is warming up! 
I need to get back into routine!

If you follow on facebook, you probably knew most of this as I post more frequently over there!

For example, this past week it got to be about 50 degrees so I climbed through a snowbank, over the garden gate, and dug through about two feet of snow to get to my coldframe.
I really assumed nothing had survived this winter, we hovered around 0 degrees on average for the past month! There were days of -18! Brr!

But much too my surprise, I saw this!

If that isn't a sign of Spring, I am not sure what is! Greens in the garden, yay!

Another sign of Spring? 
Birds! In my wreath! On my porch!

I've been able to sneak up on them and watch through the window a couple times now. 
There are a couple different looking birds that I have seen through the window. 

Hopefully things start to calm down enough that I can finish a lot of the random projects going on!
Have a great weekend folks!

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