Friday, May 29, 2015

Garden Geek.

Every year, I start out my garden planning away, drawing, planting.
This year was no different.

Well. Actually it was, I didn't blog about it.
I drew what I pictured as my plan, and it changed...
I wrote in my journal when I planted and how much.
I wintersowed some seeds, and they did eh. Not sure why, and will try again next year!

And now, as I start to harvest my lettuce and  I went add the weight in my old spreadsheet...
I soon realized with the new computer, I needed to create a new spreadsheet.

Yup. I am THAT Garden Geek.
The new computer came Numbers, so I started from scratch (my old version was Excel) 
and came up with these.

One for veggies...
 One for Herbs...
and one for Fruit... 

I weigh everything in ounces, and fill in the blank boxes. 
As I fill in a row, I move the total over to the first box and delete the rest.  
(Does that make sense?)

Then I have it programed to do the math for me, it tallies up per crop. Then converts ounces to pounds and adds everything up for a grand total! 

Do you keep track of your harvests?  

I'm super curious how many pounds of tomatoes I will get this year...
Last year 6 plants (Early Girls) produced 60+ lbs! And we went a little overboard and have 42 tomatoes planted, 8 different varieties!

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