Friday, February 15, 2013

Grows: Garden Journal

I did it! I remembered to start a Garden Journal!
Every year I get halfway through the garden season and start second guessing myself. Should this be ready to harvest? Should I have tomatoes by now? Am I planting too soon? Too late?

Well, this year I am attempting to take some of the guess work out of my garden!
Last week I shared that we started some seedlings! So far so good!

And when I started my seedlings, I started my journal!
To make my journal I picked up a composition notebook, and grabbed a binder clip.

I doubt I will use up the entire notebook in one season, so I plan on using it for a couple  years and just "flagging" the beginning of each garden season.

The clip is to hang on to all my seed packets. That way I will have all their individual info right with my journal. I also plan on printing/copying down any ideas I find in blogland, and putting them in so I don't forget them, or if I plan on making I have it with me when I am out in about!
 (Yes- I have pinterest on my phone but sometimes it's just too slow for me, and hard to find pins at a moments notice!)

I haven't mapped out my garden yet, but here is what last years looked like!
I'll be working on mapping it out, once we open up the fence... Yes! My garden is expanding! 

And in 2011, I did a digital file planner but it didn't work that great for me. Once I was in the dirt I forgot about it.

Are you gearing up for gardening?
Have you started? Thinking about starting?

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