Friday, July 1, 2016

{Recap} December 2015

Ah! December! Tis the season, to not feel like Christmas?
This year, the weather has been so un-winter-like that it never felt like Christmas to me.
Yes, the decorations were hung and Christmas activities where happening, but no snow? Boo.

Friends down south? How do you do it? 
Just like it doesn't feel like Christmas without snow here, I bet you would feel the same if there was snow on Christmas! Right?

 And yes, this is how I felt of most of December and January! 
Pregnant with baby number 4... Is hard!

To help being "busy pregnant" I made baby boy this awesome center out knit blanket. 
It's so squishy I want to make a giant one for me! 

Just a little something I put together for Carter's teacher for Christmas.
Fun glittery pencils, an insulated cup and then filled with gel pens!
Simple yet adorable, and I know she would use it all!

My boys LOVE Lego Star Wars, and my husband remembers seeing the movies when he was a kid and started watching them with them. So when we needed cookies for a school Holiday party, and I saw how easy these were.  Chewbacca cookies it was! 

These are chocolate sugar cookies, not gingerbread men. They were a hit at the party too! 
A simple gingerbread man cookie cutter, and fork make the hair. Chocolate frosting and sprinkles! 
And yes, I was that mother using tweezers to pick out five sprinkles of one color! 

Lastly, the table is almost complete! 

My husband really took his time with the table because the wood was no kiln dried. 
So he wanted to let the wood acclimate a day or two in between steps to try to prevent warping and pulling. Hence, the table upside down in my dining room!

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