Friday, September 25, 2009

Sew, I have been on a sewing spree!

Let's see where to start.. Probably with project number one..

Carter's ABC quilt, this kit was a gift from a very close friend, and it went together very easily, just cut as the directions said ( I needed a little help, for fear I would cut left to right when needed to cut up and down, and not have enough fabric)  and sew away.. It looks great, and this really great friend even sent it out to be quilted with a great heart pattern!  Once its bound I will post pics.. Oh! And that's the recurring role of this post! Binding, I have four projects sewed, quilted and ready for binding and just haven't gotten to it.

Project #2: Is a gift for a dear friend, but I can't show it til I get it, but its a quilt, same thing went together fast, and is waiting for binding. At least this binding is cut and ready to be put on. The ABC still isn't cut yet!

Project #3: Fall Table Runner.  I loved the fabric, came home and started cutting it out, and sewed it all in a day. Well then I had the idea of backing it with Project #4 ( The Halloween Table Runner) and they didn't match up, So i have ripped these two projects into two separate instead of one big. Both are sewed and quilted, but need the binding. I have black fabric for this but think I might look for some orange for the Candy Corn Halloween one, and stick to either the black or Fall leaf print for the other.

So, once they are all bound I will be posting pics, they look great, but I just need a couple minutes to finish...  Maybe I will work on Carter's quilt while he naps today...

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