Monday, February 22, 2010

Dry Erase Board

After we moved into our house, I purchased a dry erase board on sale.  After three years, it had finally decided it was no longer going to clean itself off.  After saying, well this is silly to throw out, why not take it apart? So I did, and found out it would not clean off because it was just a piece of shiny poster board in picture frame, over a piece of sheet metal ( to make it magnetic).

So... Here's what I ended up doing, I tried the dry erase markers with the sheet metal, and ta-da it cleaned off better and easier than the poster board! So, seeing as I do not have any shiny metal anywhere inside, I sent it out to the garage, where my husband works on cars, and he could have his own board to make lists and what not.  I would love to show you this, but I am pretty sure if I brought my camera out into the garage, I may never make it back...

With my board gone, I needed a new one for my kitchen, and didn't want to go out and buy one right away... And I had this frame empty in my kitchen already... And got to work.

All you have to do it fill your frame with a piece of scrapbook paper...And it cleans off easier than any store bought board I have ever had!


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