Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Counter Top Update!

So my counter's have been done for a couple days, and I have yet to move my small appliances and canisters back into place... And I am so tempted not to! I love how the resin/epoxy has such a high gloss to them! Before my counters were so dull and boring...  AND with a new sink! I forgot to thouroughly clean it out before we went away for a couple days and it had epoxy in it... But we needed a new faucet anyway, so we got a kit that had both. BONUS! Here they are with the resin/epoxy over them:

This is a project I would recommend to anyone debating on getting new counters! We spent a couple days and $70, which is way cheaper than what it would have cost for counters and an island top!

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  1. Wow, your counters DO look great. My test section using the special counter paint looks worse and worse by the day. There are dents and stains and all sorts of issues. Not to mention (and this is my favorite part), when we set any food on it for more than a few minutes, it comes away tasting like chemicals. Yeah, that seems safe. Just in case any of your readers ever wants a lesson in what NOT to use, here's my link:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for showing me what you did. Maybe someday I'll revisit the whole thing and make my budget counter top dreams come true.


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