Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reverse Applique

Do you have a shirt that you LOVE but is stained?  Ugh. Me too. Well not anymore!

Here's my stain, yuck. Mac and Cheese... Thanks Carter. I think I only wore this shirt once. Guess I won't be wearing white for a while!

Centering the stain, I drew what I would sew and cut out.  I chose a heart cause it is a basic shape that I thought would be easy enough to sew.  See my pins? Thats my fabric under neath. Just choose a piece big enough for your design.

Using the edge of my foot as a guide I lined up the left edge with my drawn design, and sewed around once.


Next, I cut back my fabric revealing my fabric I pinned underneath.

Here's what the back looks like. You can leave your fabric square or...

Cut it down a bit.

Flip and your done!

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