Monday, August 30, 2010

Time for a new bag!

I should have listened to my sister. You cannot use your purse for a knitting bag. Well you could, if you weren't carrying a hundred other things and packing it as full as it will go! This bag is awesome, I can carry  a gallon of milk in it!

So, here is my "new" knitting bag!  It isn't new to me, but the purpose is! Gotta love repurposing!  I picked this bag up a couple years back on a trip, and it is super sturdy ( part of why I didn't like it for a purse), and holds a knitting book, cone of thread and project perfectly!

I'm still working on the big reveal, of my bedroom ( not sure if I told you thats what I am working on)...  One more piece needs to be removed from the room, and one more piece brought in. Then I can start hanging some things... Hopefully tomorrow I can start sharing!

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