Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Reveal!

Alright! It's finally finished!  And it didn't take me forever! About a month, but for me that's awesome!

Here are the Before, Before pictures. This is before we even put our furniture in our room. Pretty Drab huh?

Luckily, we only lived with the red carpet for maybe three months. But the rest.  3 years. But well worth the wait!

Here is where it all started! My inspiration piece!  This is the quilt that a dear friend made for my husband and I when we got married!  Its the  Amy Butler Line, Lotus Collection.  I love it!

The quilt is a brick pattern, with three borders on the edge.  You can see it in the next picture on my bed.

Our new furniture looks great, and fits great in our room! Which I am so happy about! Above, you can see the pillows I made ( seen here) and the wall art ( seen here) I made from our old bed!

Here is a piece I made to showcase my husbands Boy Scout Patches! Super simple! Just arranged a few in a frame, with a very teeny tiny dot of hot glue to hold them up! And I was done!  

This is my dresser, and that green vase is just a glass from the dollar store sprayed to match our decor!  The shoes are one of the great pairs my grandmother wore years ago! And the treasure chest is full of goodies from when my husband and I dated!

These are not hung up quite yet, so I guess I am not quite finished. But maybe today I will hang them! These are just clear plates painted on the back with some wall paint ( before I lightened the color, my original color choice looked very canary yellow, and not that pretty butter yellow from the swatch!) with plate holders that I sprayed to match the Vase, and Wall Art about our bed!

Hope you enjoy my new room, as much as I do!

And I have already started my next big project!  But will never be sure when that will be finished!


  1. Your room is very pretty! I love the quilt and the pillows you made are super cute. Nice job!!
    ~stopping by from Remodelaholic~ :)

  2. Looks like you put lot of time and love into this room. Great job!

  3. Very sweet and simple, and FULL of wonderful personal treasures! LOVE the quilt!

  4. Thanks Ladies! I am finding my room much more relaxing now!

  5. Your room looks vey cozy now! The quilt was a great inspiration piece! Great job! :)


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