Monday, November 1, 2010

I think I can... and I... CAN!

I think I can, I think I can...

I've been knitting on a regular basis for a year or two now, and finally decided to take the sock plunge!  My typical go to knit projects are baby blankets, baby hats, and dishcloths.  I have also made a GIANT Christmas stocking (that I will post once Christmas decorations have been unpacked), and my pocket placemat.  Other than that I do pretty beginner stuff. That's why I thought I would not be able to do a sock.

So I searched through Ravelry and found a couple patterns that looked pretty beginner friendly.  I got my needles and yarn and brought everything to Knit Nite.  ( A group of gals who get together every other Monday, and work on projects.)  I started with my pattern and got to work. After getting the cuff done, I tried it on and realized my yarn was wrong, I bought a fine sock yarn ( 1 ply) and needed a thicker one ( 4 play) hence the sock not fitting.  After fiddling around with a different yarn, and pattern. I decided why not try the pattern that came with the yarn.  But it was for an Intermediate Knitter, and by the list of things I have worked on... I was by far not an Intermediate knitter.  But I went for it!  And here's where I am at!

I changed the pattern up a bit at the beginning. The pattern said create the cuff (which I did) but then knit 5 inches to have before the heel.  I omitted that section to create an "anklet" style sock and really love the results.  Other than that I followed the Intermediate level pattern with no issues!

Our Knit Nite host, Ali, is a wonderful knitter and she always has great tips.  One tip she has shared and I finally listened was to use a post it and do not read ahead.  This way your only worried about the step your on. I did that and look, I made it through the whole thing without ripping it out!

Hope this encourages you to challenge yourself!  Because it has been a great feeling being able to know that I did this ALL by myself!

*Edited to Add*  The pattern came with the sock yarn, that I purchased at my local Joann's store.  It is the Deborah Norville Collection by Premier Yarns, Serenity Sock Weight ( Super Fine 1ply).  The color is Thyme.  Unfortunately, I do not see any sock patterns on their site, but they do come with the yarn!


  1. Look at you!! Awesome! I've tried socks a few times. My first pair turned out pretty good, although too bulky, so I gave them to my sister in law who works outside. My subsequent attempts just weren't that great....the cuff seems too saggy and just overall they seem to not tight enough. Which pattern did you go with for these? I just love them. And I desperately want to enjoy knitting socks!

    BTW, I'd love if you linked this to my Fibers on Friday party. A linky party dedicated to knitters and crocheters!

  2. So envious! I'd love to learn how to knit just to make socks and mittens! I think if I learned to make socks, that's all everyone would be getting for Christmas! lol Nice work!

  3. I just love these. Can you post a link to the pattern or tell me the yarn that came with the pattern? I'd like to give socks another try.

    Thank you for linking this up to Fibers on Friday! I would love to see you back with any other yarn projects you come up with!

  4. Those look so warm and cozy. I love the yarn choice. Great job!


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