Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card Lights

After seeing this featuring on Aint She Crazy, I knew it was the perfect match for my holiday decor!  Then when I read how quick and easy it was, I ran and gathered my supplies!

Instead of making the back completely grey like The Joneses, and Jami, I used my bulb color ( to preserve my grey felt).  

Then, cut my top out of grey.

To make attach my two pieces I "chained" them together.   

See? They are all together, and just need to be cut apart.  

Using my glue gun, I attached my clothes pins.

Using a one inch strip I glue about half of my lights to my strand.

And kept the other half loose to be able to help space some of my cards.

And here it is in use!

(I haven't found the perfect home for it yet, hopefully soon.  It has been in 3 places already!)


  1. Ooooh, brilliant! I love it! Very creative and super cute~! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you can join my vintage tag giveaway going on now! Merry Christmas!

  2. You did a great job! I'm not sure why but I bought a ton of grey felt. Probably because I was just excited to use it! :)



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