Monday, December 27, 2010

Not-So-Lazy Susan!

Everyone who crafts knows you can never have enough place to store your "things".  After seeing a cute craft lazy susan over on Clean Mama, I decided my sister NEEDED this.  Not because she is unorganized (That's me!) but because she wants to homeschool my two nephews, and I think this "Not-So-Lazy Susan" would be perfect to store all their homeschool supplies! 

I had a plastic lazy susan not in use, but wanted a sturdier wooden one.  Using a jigsaw and some MDF I was able to get the look I wanted!

With a piece of MDF big enough for my plastic lazy susan to fit on it, I traced my plastic susan and then added an inch all the way around.

Next, I got over of my fear of the jigsaw, and cut out my circle. It isn't perfect, so I went back with sand paper and worked it a little more. 

Then, I painted my wood white, and screwed my plastic susan to the bottom.

( The rest is the same as the Clean Mama version!)
Next, I found some cute scrapbook paper and traced all my cups lips onto the back of the paper and cut out.

Glue your circles down on your "Not-So-Lazy Susan". 
If you want, and I did. Seal your paper down with Mod Podge. 

Fill and enjoy!


  1. This is too cute! Great organizing idea (and the striped paper looks great with the center cup).

  2. That turned out awesome! I'm sure it's wonderful to have when doing arts & crafts with little ones :)


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